Despite Legal Hassles, NRA Maintains Strong Hold on Gun Rights Debate

Although a federal judge in Dallas recently rejected the National Rifle Association’s effort to declare bankruptcy, calling it an attempt to avoid legal scrutiny and transparency and zeroing in on the lavish financial perks the organization bestowed on its chief Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s profound influence on the nation’s debate over gun regulation endures, reports the Washington Post . And while New York Attorney General Letitia James has vowed to renew her efforts to dissolve the NRA, saying the organization is riddled with fraud, advocates of expanded background check legislation acknowledged in interviews last week that they face an uphill climb in their efforts to attract enough Senate votes to pass what has long been considered the most basic of gun-control measures. Meanwhile, a Supreme Court case brought by the NRA that will be heard this year could lead to a historic expansion of the right to carry concealed firearms, as the lobbying group seeks to shore up the support it has spent decades cultivating. Legal scholars and political strategists say the NRA’s extensive lobbying and strong alliance with the Republican Party have contributed to gridlock on background checks, red-flag law legislation and other popular reforms advocated by gun-control advocates and many gun owners. While critics say the NRA is in a weakened position this time and is much less visible on Capitol Hill than in the past, it continues to tie up a Republican-controlled Senate over gun-reform bills aimed at expanding background checks.

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