Disciplinary Review Board

Unlike other websites we have structured discipline like the US Justice System, unlike our current justice system we strive to be fair. Unlike other sites we won’t shadow ban you, just kick you out for no reason or with no recourse. We have a specific system in place in order for the offender to defend themselves. There are 7 members of the board consisting of 6 members of the community and the seventh being the owner of the site. As the site is currently new, any transgressions that need addressed will be done so by the site owner until a board can be convened. Any members wanting to be part of the board may apply by clicking HERE and fill out a quick application.  Sorry, it is not a paying position.  It is for those who believe in our system. The following is a basic outline of how the process will work when we get notified of a transgression:

    1. The member will be given a notice by email outlining the transgression.
    2. The member has 7 business days to respond in writing to the transgression, either correcting, admitting or denying and supplying evidence at that time via directions in the email.
    3. If the member cannot represent him or herself and wants an advocate, they can choose someone to represent them in the matter but must notify the board within 2 businesses days of receiving the notice that this is their intent. If the member has someone else represent them, the advocate has 9 business days from the date the notice, which was given to the member originally to respond to the transgression.
    4. The board members will have 10 business days from the date the answer was received to review any evidence and submit a vote and recommendation of discipline, if any, to the site owner.
    5. The board rules by the majority. In other words, if at least 4 out of 7 members believe the transgression exists then the member will be disciplined. If 4 out of 7 members believe the transgression does NOT exist then the member will be cleared.
    6. Within 5 business days of receiving all recommendations from the board members, the site owner will notify the member of the disciplinary review board’s decision and apply such discipline as the board sees fit.
    7. One of the following actions will be instituted according to the severity of the transgression:
      1. Warning
      2. Suspended for 7 Days
      3. Suspended for 14 Days
      4. Suspended for 30 Days
      5. Suspended for 60 Days
      6. Account Deletion, Suspension for Life

Updated 5/16/18 at 1522hrs EST