Disgraced cop says Cherry King, wedding shooter got gun permits thanks to bribe lawyer

David Villanueva The NYPD’s gun license division was so corrupt they OK’d a pistol permit to a Brooklyn maraschino cherry manufacturer who had been arrested for domestic assault — and the businessman later killed himself with his handgun , jurors heard Wednesday. Arthur Mondella’s gun license should have been revoked in 2011 — years before his 2015 suicide in a bathroom of his Red Hook plant during a days-long raid of his Dell’s Maraschino Cherries by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, a witness testified in Manhattan federal court. Officers with the NYPD’s License Division recommended that Mondella’s gun license be pulled after they were alerted to his July 2011 domestic assault arrest, ex-NYPD Sgt. David Villanueva testified at the guns-for-bribes trial of lawyer John Chambers. But Villanueva, a supervisor in the gun license division, overrode the revocation because he was being bribed by Chambers, Mondella’s lawyer, he told the […]

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