Disturbing Leaked Audio Reveals NRA’s Decades-Old PR Strategy for Mass Shootings

Disturbing Leaked Audio Reveals NRA's Decades-Old PR Strategy for Mass Shootings

For decades, the United States has seen a disproportionately higher number of mass shooting incidents than other developed countries. Some of these shootings have thrust the nation into mourning. In 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting resulted in nearly 30 deaths, many of whom were children between kindergarten and second grade. In 2018, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student opened fire on his classmates and teachers, killing 19 of them. Both of these tragedies—as well as many before and since—led to major crescendos in the fight to get the USA’s rampant gun violence under control. Though a majority of Americans back at least some form of gun control, Republican lawmakers have railed against any form of gun regulation, however innocuous, painting these efforts as an affront to the Second Amendment. The devotion of these lawmakers to guns is in no small part due to the National Rifle Association, or NRA—one of the most influential lobbies in American history. For decades, the NRA has held an unrelenting grip on members of Congress, even ” grading ” them to constituents on their devotion to unrestricted firearm access. So how does the NRA still maintain support after mass shooting incidents? A newly revealed tape of NRA executives discussing strategy immediately after one of the nation’s earliest school shootings gives some insight. A new report by Tim Mak of NPR details a 1999 meeting between top leaders of the NRA following the shooting at Columbine High School that killed 12 people. […]

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