Do Guns Cause Murders People Do?

Causes Of Gun Control On Violence GUNS OR PEOPLE, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS VIOLENCE Every day in the USA, people wake up to news of a shooting, and sadly often than not, people wake up to news of a mass shooting. After the tragedy people across all around the USA call for stricter gun control and at times for an outright total gun ban. Guns are not the cause of all this violence, rather people are the cause. Americans need to understand the real cause and have some common sense about this issue. Logically guns aren’t The Issue Of Gun Control Gun control has been a big topic for the past decade in the united states. These debates will rise and fall time in and time out after something horrific happens in the state. Anti-Gun supporters do not realize that it is extremely difficult to regulate something in the states that is a big portion of our economy.Would stricter gun laws change anything? So far statistically It has been proven otherwise one must consider how a citizen would defend themselves when they are faced with terror. How will Argumentative Essay On Gun Control Roughly 16,459 murders were committed in the United States during 2016. Of these, about 11,961 or 73% were committed with firearms because people have been killed with gun shot, example the las vegas shooting. A Pew Foundation report found that 79% of male gun owners and 80% of female gun owners said owning a […]

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