Doctors — they’re coming for your guns

Doctors -- they're coming for your guns

A man checks handguns displayed at the Eurosatory defense and security trade show in Villepinte, outside Paris, Sunday, June 10, 2018. (AP Photo/Francois Mori) ** FILE ** ANALYSIS/OPINION: The president of the American Medical Association, David Barbe , said in recent remarks that it’s high time professionals within the Centers for Disease and Prevention started treating gun violence as if it were a public health crisis — a rather eye-opening statement that not only puts guns in the category of a curable disease, like chicken pox, or measles, maybe, but one that also sets the stage for feds to come up with the cure. A cure for gun ownership. Nice. Doctors who “fix” the Second Amendment — what could possibly go wrong with that, right? At the organization’s annual meeting in Chicago, Barbe called for members to actively petition for resolutions to “address this devastating crisis of our time” and for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to kick off some epidemiological research on gun-related violence — “the only leading cause of death where such research is not being conducted,” he complained. Well yes, that’s because the CDC’s banned from “such research.” By the terms of the 1996 Dickey Amendment, the CDC cannot conduct research related to gun violence because of the potential for leftist-leaning medical pros within the agency to push anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, pro-gun control science — or, so-called science, as the case may be. But Barbe told AMA members to forget all that — that […]

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