Does appearing at Trump rallies help Martha McSally in Arizona’s US Senate race?

Does appearing at Trump rallies help Martha McSally in Arizona's US Senate race?

President Donald Trump’s sweep through Arizona on Monday energized his most loyal Republican supporters who drove hours to see him and waited hours in line to witness his hourlong campaign remarks in Prescott and Tucson. How much Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., got out of it is less clear. McSally, who faces her own treacherous election bid this election cycle, played bit appearances on stage at both rallies. Trump’s performance may have reinforced his standing with base Arizona Republican voters, though polling for months has suggested he’s in danger of becoming the first Republican presidential candidate to fail to carry the traditional red state since Bob Dole in 1996. For McSally, a GOP senator whose fate is expected to be tied to Trump’s coattails, staying in the background with his supporters watching closely may not have helped, political experts said. “McSally’s close association with him doesn’t seem to give her the advantage,” said professor emeritus Richard Herrera, who studies politics and voter sentiments at Arizona State University. “She did that in 2018 and lost and there’s not a lot of reason to think that getting so close to him now is going to help. … The trends seem to be going in the opposite direction.” There are potential benefits to campaigning with Trump. The president went to Prescott in hopes of wringing even more votes out of solidly Republican Yavapai County. He stumped in Tucson in hopes of minimizing anticipated losses in solidly Democratic Pima County. Both outcomes also likely […]

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