Donnelly: By threatening Second Amendment, Parkland student activist put self ‘in the cross-hairs’

Hide caption Staff Writer @DP_Shea Donnelly’s statements were quickly condemned by three of four fellow candidates running for the 8th Congressional District seat On Facebook and Twitter, Republican Congressional candidate Tim Donnelly described March for Our Lives participants as “tools,” questioned whether they knew “how Hitlerian they look and sound” and called David Hogg, a Parkland student activist, “a media whore.” Donnelly, a former Assemblyman, also pushed the debunked narrative that Hogg was not present at the time of the mass shooting that killed 17 students at his Florida high school. In the tweet where he made the “Hitlerian” reference, Donnelly had posted a Fox News screenshot showing Hogg, a staunch gun control advocate, with his fist raised and the news ticker reading: “Hogg: We will get rid of public servants who only serve the gun lobby.” The social media posts were from March, but caught new life after a CNN story ran Thursday titled, “GOP congressional candidate in California has compared Parkland teens to Hitler.” In a re-tweet of the story, Hogg wrote: “Yep, this is America not wanting to be shot in school makes you Hitler now.” In a lengthy statement sent to the Daily Press on Friday, Donnelly refused to back down and launched a defense of his wording despite criticism over the insensitivity of his earlier posts. “What the left is doing is truly Hitlerian — and David Hogg is letting himself be used as a pawn,” Donnelly said. “Hitler confiscated guns to disarm any […]

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