Don’t be fooled by the illusion of character

I was struck by the flawed rationale contained in Mrs. Smith’s letter of Sept. 10. She stated she’s supporting President Trump because he supports the Second Amendment. Most do, with the caveat of responsible gun ownership. As a member in good standing in the law enforcement family, I think it’s safe to say many police officers would prefer not to face members of the public armed with weapons that should be reserved for the battlefield. The police have militarized in response to the military-style weapons they face in the streets. Former Vice President Biden understands this. As for the support of veterans and members of the military, I guess she doesn’t mind Trump’s degradation of a real American hero, John McCain. Or, perhaps she’s OK with Trump’s characterization of our war dead as “losers” and “suckers” who couldn’t figure out how to avoid serving the country like he did (those pesky little heel spurs… if in fact he really had them.) Biden has never demeaned any member of the military, especially having seen his own son in harm’s way. Mrs. Smith ignores the fact her guy hugs the flag yet treats the Constitution like the women in his life — disposable when it suits him. Or, has she forgotten his multiple marriages and several dalliances? Not to mention his impeachment. The “values voters” have forfeited the moral high ground here by supporting this pathological liar and self-admitted molester of women all the while the eunuchs of the GOP are […]

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