Don’t treat guns too casually

Don't treat guns too casually

I was pleased with The Brunswick News’ June 11 editorial, “Accidental Shootings Show Importance of Gun Safety”. That previous week two more separate accidental shootings locally resulted in injuries, one victim a juvenile. The editors also reminded us of the accidental gun-fire that killed a promising young Brunswick man in March. We’re granted so many rights, but privileges come with specific responsibilities. The “right to free speech” doesn’t give me the right to shout “fire” in a crowded theater. Similarly, the right to own guns doesn’t give me the right to be careless. 300×250 image ad And carelessness is the only suitable word here. It’s “common sense” to keep guns secured, away from the hands of children and juveniles. Firearms in a locked place or secured with a trigger-lock, unloaded and away from ammunition can deter theft as well as access by troubled friends and relatives (about half of suicides are by gun). Guns may be advantageous for self-defense, but data suggests that fatal unintentional shootings are twice as likely to occur than justifiable gun-related homicides. Children in a home with access to loaded and unsecured firearms certainly require their adults to be responsible and knowledgeable about gun safety. Weapons may be “carefully and safely hidden,” but children as young as 3 know more than we think, and where to find them. The Second Amendment is here to stay and current laws could be better enforced, but for heaven’s sake, let’s not treat our guns so casually that we […]

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