DougCo Vows To Stand Against 'Red Flag' Bill. The Sheriff Is One Of Its Strongest Supporters

DougCo Vows To Stand Against ‘Red Flag’ Bill. The Sheriff Is One Of Its Strongest Supporters

Gun Rights

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, front, speaks as Jane Dougherty, who lost her sister, Mary Sherlack, in the mass shooting in Newtown, Ct., looks on during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on a bill to get a "red flag" gun law on the books in Colorado Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, in Denver, Colo. The list of Colorado counties vowing to oppose any new firearm legislation passed by the Democratic-controlled state legislature continues to grow. On Tuesday, both El Paso and Douglas counties joined around a dozen other counties that have passed resolutions affirming their commitment to the Second Amendment. The resolutions vary in their wording, but they all have come in response to HB 19-1177 , which would allow law enforcement to temporarily take someone’s guns if a judge concludes they are a danger to themselves or others. In the case of Douglas County, commissioners voted unanimously to not fund enforcement of any law that violates residents’ Second Amendment rights . That move puts them directly at odds with Douglas County’s Sheriff, Tony Spurlock, who is a strong supporter of the bill. Spurlock is closely connected to the incident that in some ways began Colorado’s push for a so-called ‘red flag’ gun law. Early in the morning of New Year’s Eve 2017, law enforcement was called to Matthew Riehl’s apartment in Highlands Ranch for a disturbance. Riehl opened fire in what Sheriff Spurlock called an “ambush-style” attack. Deputy Zach Parrish was killed, and four other officers were […]

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