‘Dry Side’ View: Inland Northwest Residents Anxiously Await Election Results

'Dry Side' View: Inland Northwest Residents Anxiously Await Election Results

Tattered American flags wave in the strong wind of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area on October 27, 2020. CREDIT: Anna King/N3 Listen In the weeks leading up to the election, residents in five smaller areas around eastern Washington and Oregon spoke about how they were feeling . Now, as people are awaiting results, I checked in with a few. Anxious Raking Since Tuesday, Cynthia Hurlbutt has raked about an acre of walnut leaves on her property near Walla Walla, Washington. She’s been upset that there isn’t more clarity in the election results. When she’s not raking, Hurlbutt says she’s sleeping. Cynthia Hurlbutt, outside of Walla Walla, raked about an acre of leaves since the election out of anxiety. She says she’s also been sleeping a lot. Courtesy of Cynthia Hurlbutt “I guess I’ve gone to bed early just to escape,” she says. It’s an escape.” She says one of her neighbors has decided to lock their gate and stay put for several days out of fear. Another friend told Hurlbutt that she was feeling anxious, but also upset about the two presidential choices. “Two old white men, when are we gonna have a different face to this election, whether it’s male or female? Someone much younger, more energetic, intelligent. And I agreed with her,” Hurlbutt said. In The Dalles, Oregon, Rick Esaacson says he’s worried about life under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, should they win. He thinks prices on commodities would go up, and squeeze his […]

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