EDITORIAL: Arming teachers bad idea

During a congressional hearing that led to stripping Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her House committee appointments, the controversial lawmaker talked about a school gun incident at her high school when she as a teenager. A former teacher told us Greene suggested it would have been better if there had been law-abiding people with a license carry permit who had weapons at the school. To be clear, no one was injured in the lockdown at Greene’s high school back then. An unarmed teacher was able to disarm a student who had brought a weapon to school. Greene and her fellow students were unharmed. How could the outcome be better than that? Arming teachers is a horrible idea. Quite simply, teachers need to teach. More guns in schools is not a solution to a crazed gunman entering a school and opening fire with an AR-15. More trained and armed police officers, metal detectors, single secured entry points, panic buttons, fencing, safe rooms are all things that should be considered — but teachers with guns is not the answer. We do not think this is a Second Amendment issue or even a question of gun control. Guns in the classroom, even if the teacher has a concealed carry permit, just creates too many possibilities of things that could go tragically wrong. We understand the argument that some teachers may be former police officers, military personnel or avid hunters familiar with weapons, but that is the exception not the rule. Having a […]

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