Editorial: Guns in school best left in the hands of professionals

Gun Rights

Buy Photo A new Florida governor and Legislature mean a new round in the quest for the right approach to school safety and guns. Key changes on the Florida Senate’s Judiciary Committee create a more favorable atmosphere for Second Amendment advocates and analysists predict an offshoot of that could be a push in the 2019 legislative session to allow willing, trained teachers to possess guns at school on the theory they could stop a school shooter. A similar proposal pertaining to nonteaching staff members was approved last legislative session and while some school districts have approved that approach, in other areas it is tied up in court. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, chairman of a school safety commission set up after the Parkland school shooting in February, told the Associated Press this week that it’s time to rethink the prohibition on armed teachers. But we hold to the position the model employed in Collier County, trained law enforcement professionals on campus in adequate numbers, remains a better option. Could a well-trained, armed teacher or staff member assist if a madman with a gun started shooting inside a school? Theoretically, yes. If that were the only scenario in which a gun might come into play at school, we’d probably support the idea. But we live in in a complex, multifaceted world and while there is an advantage to having an extra good guy with a gun on hand in a crisis, that must be balanced against all the other situations […]

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