Editorial: Lesser concealed carry fee wise move by Legislature

As July began, Kansas lowered the costs of a state concealed carry license. Those wishing to purchase a license will now pay $112, instead of the $132.50 they had to fork over earlier. This was a good move by the Kansas Legislature, and an offer that responsible gun owners in the state should consider. Let’s remember that Kansas is a “constitutional carry” state, where anyone 21 and older can carry a concealed firearm without a permit. Whatever one’s feelings about this law, it certainly suggests that some people carrying around concealed weapons are doing so without registering or receiving any firearms education. That’s precisely what the concealed carry permit process allows. According to the state attorney general’s office, applicants “must complete an 8-hour weapons safety and training course and obtain a certificate of completion from a certified trainer,” as well as submitting an application with a photo, as well as being fingerprinted by the county sheriff. All of these are eminently sensible requirements for someone who wants to take the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon. Reducing barriers for those who want to carry such permits just makes sense. The Second Amendment can be a tricky thing. If one assumes it allows the carrying of firearms by individuals for self defense (the Supreme Court first interpreted the Constitution as saying so in District of Columbia v. Heller, a 5-4 ruling from 2008), then one also must accept the gravity of carrying a lethal weapon. Too often, the accumulation of […]

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