EDITORIAL: Primary calls for GOP soul searching

This Georgia primary election is a battleground for the heart and soul of the Republican Party in our state. The May 24 primary has shaped up as the battle between traditional conservative Republicans and the populist, pro-Trump wing of the party. Republican voters must decide where their true loyalties lie. Gov. Brian Kemp, by all accounts the most traditional and conservative of Republicans, faces off against former U.S. Sen. David Perdue, endorsed by former president Donald Trump. Kemp checks all the conservative boxes. He is a strong Second Amendment advocate and just signed a new law making it legal to carry a gun in Georgia without needing a permit. He has signed one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws. He is a champion of state’s rights and lower taxes. Perdue, inexplicably, says Kemp is just pandering to voters. The record shows, however, that Brian Kemp is who Brian Kemp has always been. But Kemp came under fire when he did not support Trump’s claim of a stolen 2020 presidential election and would not be an accomplice to the effort to overturn the election, circumventing the will of the voters. Perdue, on the other hand, is a Trump loyalist who supports the unsubstantiated, baseless conspiracy theories of widespread voter fraud, purportedly costing Trump the presidency. Voters must decide what they believe and who they believe. The also-rans in the Republican Primary race for governor and secretary of state are irrelevant, none of them have a chance to move the […]

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