Editorial Roundup: Georgia

Brunswick News. April 26, 2022. Editorial: Perdue needs to do more than blame Kemp to win votes If former U.S. Sen. David Perdue has any real expectations of being Georgia’s next governor, then he is going to have to do more than parrot former President Donald Trump by attempting to pin his own reelection loss in 2020 to a Democrat on Gov. Brian Kemp. A lot more. The Sea Island Republican is going to have to show Georgia voters between now and the May 24 primary that he is more than a Trump revenge candidate. He cannot spend quality time before the voters of this great state trying to blame his loss to current Sen. Jon Ossoff on Kemp. Georgia deserves better from a candidate with such strong qualifications. What voters need to know are his plans for the future. Crime, for example, is rampant, particularly in the Peach State’s capital city. Just recently five teens were injured in a gun battle outside a Waffle House, two of whom later hijacked a vehicle at gunpoint. The currently ended session of the General Assembly took aim at it. Members passed measures to boost law enforcement. Whether it will be enough to even dent this growing problem remains to be seen. There is also the issue of the state’s public school systems. Teachers are in short supply, an issue that is likely to worsen if left ignored. Everyone knows education is the key to an individual’s success. It is also the […]

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