Editorial: Ruling shows gun regulation tough to enact

It shouldn’t be so hard to keep us all a little safer from gun violence. But a Franklin County Common Pleas Court ruling on Friday underscored — again — that it never has been, and probably never will be, easy to enact reasonable restrictions at any level when it comes to regulating firearms in the United States. In this heightened sensitivity and hyper political environment on firearms, city of Columbus officials are rightfully pleased that Judge David Cain upheld at least part of a package of gun ordinances passed by Columbus City Council in May. The judge ruled the city can disarm and file misdemeanor charges against those who carry guns after being convicted of domestic violence and other crimes. State law had been silent, and federal law was not being enforced. In strange logic, though, Cain rejected a section prohibiting bump stocks as unlawful on grounds that those rapid-fire add-ons are not accessories but an integral part of a gun. The city’s gun ordinance package was carefully shepherded through a thicket of state and federal laws when it was enacted two months ago — doing only those few things that were not already covered or specifically prohibited by state law. It was clear even before the council passed its very reasonable ordinances that they would be a target for the gun lobby. The Ohio General Assembly still hasn’t managed to update state law in response to concerns stemming from mass shootings across the country or even the ambush […]

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