Executive action gun control – What’s Your Point?

Executive action gun control - What's Your Point?

Gun control Houston’s Sunday morning political debate show! This week’s panel talks about President Biden’s executive action on gun control and the 2nd amendment. CONNECTING… President Joe Biden pleading with the nation to support his call for new restrictions on firearms. We’ve talked about it before – a ban on military-style semi-automatic rifles along with high capacity magazines, closing the so-called gun show loophole with mandatory background checks on private firearm transactions, approval of "red flag" legislation to prohibit gun possession by the mentally unstable …and even reeling back the civil liability protections granted firearm manufacturers. The President can’t do any of it without Congress – so with a flurry of executive actions, he’s nipping around the edges – with a crack-downs on so-called "ghost guns assembled from untraceable parts and regulation of "stabilizing braces" which essentially convert pistols into more lethal, easily concealable, short-barreled rifles. Still not much appetite for the President’s message in the Lone Star State, even after this week’s mass shooting in Bryan. Greg Groogan gives Chris Tritico the floor to share his personal experience. Here’s a copy of the letter Chris Tritico sent to President Biden.

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