Exposing the Republicans’ excuses for not convicting Trump

Exposing the Republicans' excuses for not convicting Trump

Fencing topped with razor wire surrounds buildings on Capitol Hill in Washington Feb. 9, the first day of the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. (CNS/Leah Millis, Reuters) The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump has begun and already it is harder to tell which is the more remarkable, the frightening facts that undergird the case or the rhetorical gymnastics displayed by the former president’s defenders. At Politico, Andrew Desiderio reports that Republicans, like Democrats, want to be rid of Trump. They worry, however, that convicting the former president and barring him from running for office again will only galvanize him and his supporters. They "just don’t want to poke the bear." Excuse me, but it has been obvious for some time that Trump is a self-poking bear, so their concern is to evade taking a stand, not to adopt the right strategy. On the eve of the impeachment trial, Sean Hannity used his television show to claim the trial couldn’t be fair because it would be presided over by Senate President Pro Tempore, Sen. Patrick Leahy, not the Chief Justice of the United States, and Leahy has already said he believes the president is guilty. OK — I propose a deal. Leahy should recuse himself because of his comment, but only if the 45 Republicans who voted not to even hold a trial because they thought it was unconstitutional do the same. Seriously, the core issue at stake in this trial is not whether the jury […]

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