Fact-Checking California Sen. Alex Padilla’s Claim About Guns And Voting

Fact-Checking California Sen. Alex Padilla's Claim About Guns And Voting

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla talks during a news conference on Jan. 28, 2019, at the Capitol in Sacramento. Padilla has been named Newsom’s pick for U.S. Senate. New California Sen. Alex Padilla recently claimed that Americans can obtain a rifle quicker and easier in a majority of states than they can cast a ballot. CapRadio’s PolitiFact California Reporter Chris Nichols spoke with afternoon anchor Mike Hagerty about that claim in this week’s Can You Handle the Truth? segment. This interview has been edited for clarity and length. Interview Highlights On where Padilla gave his statement, and the context of it It’s important to remember that Padilla, up until a couple of months ago, was California’s Secretary of State and in charge of elections. Voter access is an important issue to him. The Democratic senator made this claim last week, shortly after the mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado. He was speaking during a hearing on gun violence in the Senate Judiciary Committee. "In a majority of states, new voters are able to obtain a rifle quicker than they’re able to cast their first ballot," Padilla said. "It seems to me we have our priorities entirely backward when we make it easier to buy a gun than we do to cast a ballot." On the veracity of this statement PolitiFact found that on the numbers, and this is correct. About two-thirds of states have a faster process for obtaining a gun than casting a ballot when you consider […]

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