Feds Jailed Gun Owner for Making Politically Incorrect Facebook Posts

Rakem Balogun. Photo: Rakem Balogun via Facebook Three years ago, a gun-loving Texan attended a protest against public employees who violate their constituents’ constitutional rights. He then made multiple politically incorrect Facebook posts. In response to these actions, the FBI raided his house in the middle of the night and jailed him for five months (without giving him the opportunity to post bail), while they tried to prosecute him on terrorism charges. The terrorism case fell apart. Eventually, the Feds resigned themselves to busting the man for illegally owning a firearm; a judge found that charge to be bogus. He was freed; but while the government had kept him locked up for the crime of expressing an affection for guns — and opinions the deep state didn’t like — he lost his car, job, home, and the opportunity to witness the first year of his newborn’s life. While all this was happening, the National Rifle Association did not raise a peep of protest — in fact, it spent copious time and money rallying public support for the administration’s approach to combating crime and terrorism. And the Texan’s case was rarely cited by America’s most prominent advocates for free speech, who focused their fire on decrying the threat that anti-racist protesters posed to the freedom of AEI fellows to deliver well-remunerated speeches on college campuses (without being heckled). You will be shocked to learn that said Texan had dark skin, and that the public employees he took issue with were […]

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