Fight for weapons we need, not those we just want

Quick, grab your shovels, Curtis Stone has his head stuck in the sand again. I’ll start digging him out, by saying this: For the third and last time (apologies to the readers) I own guns and I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment. The weapons I own are all that I need. A revolver that I can permit carry, which protects myself and family. A bolt-action rifle for hunting game and a shotgun for hunting birds. All are registered. Mr. Stone has made it clear that any weapon is OK to own, semi-auto assault weapons of all kinds, including unlimited clips, with no restrictions at all. That is his liberty, and any restriction means they are coming to take all guns away. He thinks that anyone who believes in restrictions is a Marxist-left communist! As a drafted Vietnam veteran, I’m a wee bit offended by that. I can’t change the mind of Mr. Stone, but my hope is that his next letter will contain the name (verifiable, and Q-Anon is not a person) of just one law-abiding person who has had his or her guns taken away in this country, under our Constitution. And by the way, I would fight to the death to keep the guns that I and every American need, including Mr. Stone. But I won’t fight for the guns that people just want. Want those weapons? Join the Army.

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