Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz pushes back on President Biden’s gun control efforts

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz pushes back on President Biden's gun control efforts

Photo: Rep. Matt Gaetz Official Twitter WEAR — Rep. Matt Gaetz published an article claiming President Biden is dismantling the Second Amendment. The op-ed was originally posted in Guns and Ammo Magazine, and is now on Gaetz’s website. In the op-ed, the congressman claims the President Biden will dissolve gun rights administratively through the Executive Branch. Gaetz shared his efforts on Monday morning in a message on Twitter. With at least 50 mass shootings in the U.S. in the past month, according to CNN , activists are demanding lawmakers to make changes. Last month, the Democratic-led House approved a pair of gun-reform bills that called for expanding background checks. But both pieces of legislation have stalled in the Senate. Northwest Florida residents weighed in on what they think should be done in light of recent shootings. "I think the whole misconception with gun control is that people are afraid that they’re going to get their guns taken away. When I think the actuality of it is, we need more background checks, we need stricter laws in place to hopefully keep the guns out of the hands of people with mental illness or disturbing pasts," said Robyn Cameron of Crestview. Pensacola resident Scott Yingling says, "It’s kind of a slippery slope right? If you take away one right, then that opens doors to take away other rights. Mass shootings; horrible, I agree, but typically criminals are going to have guns, whether you take my guns or not." The article written […]

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