For ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2, Guns Are Just A Tacky Plot Point

For '13 Reasons Why' Season 2, Guns Are Just A Tacky Plot Point

Netflix Spoilers ahead for 13 Reasons Why Season 2. The first season of 13 Reasons Why dealt exclusively in tired high school tropes. The beautiful, victimized young woman. The evil predator. The vanilla "nice guy," the brutal jock, the bullied outcast. When the curtain came down on Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why , Tyler Down was quietly stockpiling guns and ammunition. The hint, of course, was that the bullied outcast was planning a school shooting. Tune in for Season 2 to see it play out! Please don’t misunderstand me: Gun violence is an epidemic in the United States. There has been one school shooting every week of this year so far. The second season came out on the very same day that ten people were shot and killed at a Santa Fe high school. We need to talk about this, think about this, and watch thoughtful depictions of this. Here’s what we don’t need: Gun violence tossed into YA shows as a lazy plot point, used only to up the ante and double down on harmful stereotypes. 13 Reasons Why essentially uses the very real horror of gun violence to raise viewing figures as much as possible. Let’s take a look at Tyler. The awkward photographer had a rough run of it in Season 1, and things only get worse in Season 2. The kid has been tormented by his peers, mocked by the girl he likes, exposed by a viral naked photo, and shunned by even the […]

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