For New Supreme Court Justice, a Host of Big Issues Awaits

GOP Pushes for New Supreme Court Justice by Autumn News of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is stoking arguments between Republicans, who are pushing to confirm a new justice by fall, and Democrats, who argue a vote should wait until after the November midterms. Kennedy was a key swing vote among the nine justices. (Published Friday, June 29, 2018) Justice Anthony Kennedy’s successor will have a chance over a likely decades-long career to tackle a host of big issues in the law and have a role in shaping the answers to them. Most court-watchers and interest groups are focused on abortion and whether a more conservative justice may mean more restrictions on abortions get upheld or even whether the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision affirming a woman’s right to abortion might someday be overturned. But Kennedy’s replacement will quickly confront a host of issues, some prominent and others not. Whomever President Donald Trump chooses, the person is expected to move the court to the right. Conservative groups, seeing a court friendlier to their views, might look at the new court and think it’s time to bring challenges to liberal laws currently on the books. And conservative state lawmakers may also attempt to pass legislation testing boundaries they wouldn’t have while Kennedy was on the court. Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Republicans rushing to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy while simultaneously working to stop the Russia investigation. (Published Thursday, June 28, 2018) A look at a […]

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