Forum: Corpus Christi’s Rep. Michael Cloud opposes realistic gun restrictions

Forum: Corpus Christi's Rep. Michael Cloud opposes realistic gun restrictions

Opinion contributor “This (HR 8) is another step in the march to strip Americans of their guaranteed Second Amendment rights, and it will not make our communities safer.”- Rep. Michael Cloud, Facebook, March 10, 2021 Rep. Cloud, we should all want to control the misuse of firearms to “make our communities safer.” And, in fact, the majority of Americans clearly want something tangible done by Congress. However, your legislative efforts have been aimed at doing exactly the opposite, expanding so-called gun rights via your “Protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act.” More: After El Paso massacre, Abbott signaled openness to gun control. Some worry he’s moved on Further, it has been repeatedly shown that “thoughts and prayers" — the GOP’s only strategy to lessen mass shootings — is not an effective solution. And, Rep. Cloud, you alleging that any reasonable gun control measures proposed by House Democrats are “an infringement on the Second Amendment” (Facebook, March 4, 2021) is both demonstrably false and unhelpful. The Constitution does not provide for unregulated guns and the Supreme Court has never stated that there can be no legal restrictions on gun purchases. As opposed to your assertions, it’s clear that the majority of Americans want action to restrict some gun purchases . In fact, 60% of those polled desire stricter laws versus only 11% who want less gun control. Even GOP voters overwhelmingly (92%) want mentally ill people barred from owning firearms. Likewise, 82% of GOP voters want background checks […]

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