Franklin supervisors asked to consider sanctuary petition

Franklin Township is the latest to be approached with a petition for Carbon County and each of its municipalities to be listed as Second Amendment sanctuaries. Brandon Bell, who resides in Penn Forest Township, met with Franklin Township supervisors to discuss the petition on Tuesday. Bell, a military veteran, said he is the lead coordinator, and added as of that time he had over 800 online supporters. He said he had a petition for the board to review, and noted that Bowmanstown has already adopted a resolution declaring the borough as a Second Amendment sanctuary in accordance with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. To date, Bell said most of the municipalities have been receptive to the petition. “Ultimately, we just want to protect our rights as gun owners,” Bell said. Bell added that some are scared by the word sanctuary, and said they are considering changing the wording. “All this is doing is protecting gun owners’ rights,” he said. Bell asked to leave a sample ordinance for the board to look over, as well as a petition for the ordinance. The board did not take any action on Bell’s request.

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