Freedom in jeopardy

I watched Kamala Harris and Joe Biden preside over a ceremony honoring the Capitol Police for their “heroic” actions defending our Congressional overlords from the Jan. 6 “white supremacist insurrectionists”. The blatant lying and dishonesty on display drove my blood pressure through the roof and I cancelled Kamala in a rage, screaming at the TV. I do not know which is worse, senile groping Joe or lying, power hungry Kamala. They are presiding over an America with an open border (which they created), spiking crime (thank you George Soros prosecutors and Democrats for “Defund the police”) government approved systemic racism and discrimination (thank you Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory and “anti-racism”) and an emerging permanent pandemic state that is destroying freedom. The First Amendment is in tatters. Freedom of religion, speech and association are being attacked by Big Tech, the public health nannies and Democratic Governors like Newsom (California), Whitmer (Michigan), Murphy (New Jersey) and Cuomo (New York). The legacy media is the communication arm of the Democratic Party, and George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” is on display every day as the Biden administration lies and gaslights The Second Amendment is in the lefts’ crosshairs, with the Biden administration and racist mayors like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot blaming the crime spike on gun violence and insufficient gun control. A gun grabbing ATF nominee may be a bit too transparent to be confirmed, but the left wants to simultaneously defund the police and disarm America, while socialists like Squad member […]

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