Gage County affirms support of Second Amendment

Gage County is following several other counties in the nation in reaffirming its support of the Second Amendment and firearm rights for residents. The County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution Wednesday supporting the right to bear arms and to declare “that we support the rights and liberties of all Gage County citizens guaranteed by the United States and Nebraska Constitution.” Board Chairman Erich Tiemann, a Republican, proposed a resolution two weeks ago in support of gun rights, declaring Gage County a “Second Amendment sanctuary county.” The resolution doesn’t change gun rights as they currently stand but would follow others like Cherry County in taking a stance on the hot topic. The resolution states, in part, that Gage County will “oppose any law that would infringe on the right of the legal citizens to keep and bear arms, including but not limited to limitations, registration, excess levy or fees or seizure at any time.” About 20 people attended Wednesday’s meeting. Nine people spoke, and six were in support of the resolution. Jim Crabtree of Beatrice supported the resolution, asking the board to do what it can to support the rights of gun owners. “Second and First Amendment rights are under the most severe assault I’ve ever seen,” he said. “People at federal and state level would love nothing more than to restrict or eliminate some of these constitutional rights. The public is in no mood to bring in the nonsense coming out of Washington, D.C., especially.” Eric Book, who […]

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