Georgia lieutenant governor declares independence from Trump

Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor is declaring independence from Donald Trump in a new book and urging other members of the GOP to follow. Geoff Duncan has been a target of heavy criticism from the former president and many other Republicans for his outspoken criticism of Trump’s efforts to overturn his presidential election loss. In a new book, “GOP 2.0,” he lays out his vision for a different future of the Republican Party. The book, which comes out next week and was obtained exclusively in advance by The Associated Press, mixes Duncan’s take on what went wrong with Trump and the aftermath of the 2020 election with his ideas for how the GOP might welcome back the moderate, college-educated suburban voters who have drifted away from the party. He says he wants to be not anti-Trump, but post-Trump. “I just wanted to have a conversation with with anybody in America that considers themselves conservative,” Duncan said in an interview before the book’s release. Duncan never writes Trump’s name in the book, a move he said he made on purpose. “I will not worship him,” Duncan writes. “I will not excuse his excesses. I won’t believe his lies. I won’t mimic his tone. I won’t disingenuously pander to voters he’s misinformed. And I certainly won’t mislead my constituents because he wants me to.” He recounts a visit with Trump in a preelection ride in a motorcade, where he found him well-informed about Georgia issues. He says he believes Trump could have […]

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