Georgia’s Greene has proven herself a winner

Georgia's Greene has proven herself a winner

DALTON, GA. — Arkansas’s Josh Mahony and Georgia’s Kevin Van Ausdal might want to meet for coffee. Perhaps they have. About which, more in a moment. In the interim… The nation, or 12 counties of it, has come to this: In January the U.S. House of Representatives will seat, grudgingly, and its Republican conference to some extent uncomfortably, a new member from Georgia’s 14th district, a woman President Trump declares to be “a future Republican star” and “a real WINNER!” That’s one way to put it, though Marjorie Taylor Greene indeed has proved herself a winner, defeating by 14 points her principal rival in last month’s primary runoff. The losing candidate termed her, simply but succinctly, “crazy.” Some of the reasons why: — Her on-line postings made plain Greene’s support for the lunatic QAnon movement, labeled a “potential domestic terrorism threat” by the FBI, and her belief that President Trump’s election was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.” She meant, of course, congressional Democrats, the odd Republican congressional moderate, big bank executives, movie stars and so on. The customary cabal. — A fringe-right website featured Greene as a “columnist” whose contributions included musings on Hillary Clinton’s “kill list.” — Greene initially rejected findings that the massacre at a Las Vegas country music festival (60 died, 412 were wounded) in 2017 was the work of a solitary gunman, shooting from his high-rise hotel room, and was instead a plot to deprive Americans of their […]

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