‘Ghost guns’ coming under fire in federal lawsuit

'Ghost guns' coming under fire in federal lawsuit

These unmarked, untraceable firearms now make up 30% of all firearms recovered by the ATF here in California SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — When 15-year-old Gracie Ann Muehlberger arrived at school the morning of November 14, 2019, one of her main priorities was to buy a ticket to her first high school dance: an upcoming milestone in her young life. "She was so excited, going to pick her dress out and all those things," her father, Bryan Muehberger, said. "Gracie was just a full-of-life, free spirit, happy-go-lucky individual." It was a milestone the Saugus High freshman in Santa Clarita never reached. Just a short time after buying that ticket, as she stood on the quad waiting for school to begin, a 16-year-old fellow student was standing nearby at almost point-blank range. "He reaches down in his backpack, pulls out a ghost gun, and fires it right in the back of my daughter," Muehlberger told News 8. In the end, the boy killed Gracie, 14-year-old freshman Dominic Blackwell, and himself, with an unmarked, untraceable 45-caliber pistol assembled from an on-line kit: a weapon known as a "ghost gun" "I had never even heard of a ghost gun before November 14, 2019," Bryan Muehlberger said. Muehlberger is now part of a federal lawsuit brought forward by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who is suing the Trump administration to crack down on these unregulated do-it-yourself kits, secured with no background check and providing the buyer all the parts needed to assemble a […]

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