Ghost guns in the Rose Garden and Biden’s executive order

President Biden held up the gun like it was an unexploded grenade. Like it was something misbegotten from a more uncivilized time. He showed it to the cameras like it was simply a hunk of dangerous metal wholly unattached to virility, patriotism or bravery. He held the gun in a way that politicians rarely do: with a modicum of disgust. On Monday, Biden invited gun control advocates to the White House for a Rose Garden ceremony during which he announced he was taking executive action to regulate the sale of ghost guns. Ghost guns are typically purchased as kits and assembled at home. They also lack serial numbers. All of that makes it difficult to track ownership. Biden’s order mandates background checks on people who buy these gun parts and requires adding serial numbers to the assembled weapons. Biden offered this analogy as an explanation for the new rules: “If you buy a couch you have to assemble, it’s still a couch.” The president followed a trio of speakers — Vice President Harris, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and activist Mia Tretta — who each reiterated the definition of such guns, which might well be called do-it-yourself weapons. They underscored the devastation that comes from their use. Tretta, in particular, spoke vividly about being wounded by a ghost gun and about the death of her best friend from one that was used in a school shooting. As he began his remarks, Biden emphasized that ghost guns do not look […]

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