Gianaris Introduces Gun Bill That Would Track States Where Guns are Purchased

(Photo: Pixabay) A new bill that aims to disclose where guns used in crimes were bought has been introduced in the New York senate. State Senator Michael Gianaris (D- Astoria, Long Island City) introduced a bill yesterday that would require law enforcement agencies and the state police to release public reports that name the states where guns used in crimes were purchased. New York has made strides in passing common sense legislation, Gianaris said, but inadequate gun laws in other parts of the country are contributing to gun violence in the state. “Our problem now is states with lax gun laws,” Gianaris said. “We need to focus our advocacy efforts on those states that are the problem.” A 2016 report released by the New York Attorney General’s office revealed that 74 percent of guns recovered by law enforcement in New York State were purchased out of state. The bill, […]

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