God help us. The Arizona Legislature has now declared the state a sanctuary … for guns

God help us. The Arizona Legislature has now declared the state a sanctuary ... for guns

Opinion: Here in Arizona, our Legislature has voted to protect guns. Heaven forbid, our leaders do anything to protect the people who come face to face with the business end of the barrel. The Arizona Legislature has now passed a bill that would transform Arizona into a sanctuary state … for guns , that is. The Senate voted 17-13 on Tuesday to declare that henceforth the sovereign state of Arizona will ignore any federal gun law it doesn’t like and God help any city or police department that dares to so much as cooperate with the feds in enforcement. The bill, which already cleared the House, now goes to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey who is currently working to get back in the good graces of his party’s base and so seems likely to sign it. “Arizona stands with law-abiding gun owners,” the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Leo Biasiucci, R-Lake Havasu City, said, shortly after it cleared the final legislative hurdle. “The Second Amendment guarantees vital liberties, just like the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech and the Fourth Amendment prevents unreasonable searches and seizures. If the zealous gun-grabbers in Washington try to disarm citizens in the name of political posturing, we’re not going to allow it in Arizona.” Background checks? Is that so horrible? Of course, this isn’t about disarming citizens. President Joe Biden isn’t going to send his goons out to pound on your door and demand your Uzi. It’s about doing something at long last to try […]

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