Going back to my Gen 4 for a while (How OCD are you about your carry gun?)

So earlier I mentioned in another thread how I had a FTF (failure to fire) with 124 Winchester NATO. I’ve shot thousands of rounds of it without ever a problem in several Glocks. Not a huge deal, but I’ve actually had a handful of FTF from my Gen 3 Glock (5 out of 3000 rounds) in a span of several months). That doesn’t sound like anything to worry about, but my gen 4 has over 5000 without any issue (save for two duds that didn’t fire in either of them). Both guns have gone through competitions/classes without issue. The FTF rounds: one was 115 WWB. Deep indention and fired on second round. Two were 124 Aguila. Deep indention and didn’t fire in either pistol over several tries (dud rounds) One was Monarch Russian steel case. Fired on second round. Now one with 124 Winchester NATO. Deep indention and fired […]

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