Gooding declares itself a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary city’

Gooding declares itself a 'Second Amendment sanctuary city'

A salesman shows some of the store’s more popular concealed carry weapons June 30, 2016, at Red’s Trading Post in downtown Twin Falls. GOODING — The city recently joined a growing list of municipalities in Idaho that have passed resolutions declaring themselves “Second Amendment sanctuary cities.” The Gooding City Council unanimously approved a resolution making this declaration during its Jan. 19 meeting. Mayor Jeff Brekke said the point is to affirm the city’s support of the second amendment, as well as the city’s opposition to laws that the council feels infringe on residents’ rights to bear arms. Although the resolution is most symbolic, Brekke said, it does include some directives to city staff. For example, the resolution states that the city won’t devote resources to enforcing state and federal laws or executive orders related to the Second Amendment if the city thinks they are unconstitutional. The resolution also states that the city won’t assist any federal or state agency in enforcing laws it finds to be unconstitutional, unless somebody’s life is in danger. The resolution outlines some of the types of laws the city would oppose — such as ones that would ban guns or accessories that are already available to the public — but Brekke said ultimately it’ll be up to the City Council to determine what laws it finds unconstitutional and would therefore not enforce. Scott Graf, a spokesperson for the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, declined to comment on whether, cities and counties have the ability to […]

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