GOP Lawmakers Were Tricked Into Backing A Plan To Arm Toddlers In Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Show

GOP Lawmakers Were Tricked Into Backing A Plan To Arm Toddlers In Sacha Baron Cohen's New Show

Republican lawmakers filmed TV spots for a fictitious program that calls for arming preschoolers, as part of a new satirical TV series on Showtime starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Showtime The lawmakers, including California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, and former Senate majority leader Trent Lott, were apparently duped into throwing their support behind a program called "Kinderguardians," which would arm kids aged 3–16. Showtime In the show, Baron Cohen poses as an Israeli "anti-terror expert" named Col. Erran Morad and advocates for arming children to combat school shootings. Baron Cohen also interviews Philip Van Cleave, a gun rights advocate, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, and a cable news talking head. He tells Van Cleave the "Kinderguardians" program was developed in Israel. "I think it would be a good idea; we’ve been pushing something along this line for years but really haven’t gotten any traction," Van Cleave tells Baron Cohen. "We were thinking seventh or eighth grade; you’re talking much younger than that." Van Cleave also filmed a fake "instructional video," teaching kids how to shoot a gun. The gun is affixed with a stuffed animal named "Puppy Pistol." Showtime Advertisement There’s also a unicorn "for the girls," says Van Cleave. Showtime Baron Cohen then went to Capitol Hill to garner support and got a few current and former lawmakers to back it on camera. Lott said the US should think about "putting guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, good guys, whether they be […]

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