Gov. Lee, state lawmakers celebrate constitutional carry law at Beretta’s Tennessee campus

Gov. Lee, state lawmakers celebrate constitutional carry law at Beretta's Tennessee campus

–> Sorry, we’re having issues playing this video. In the meantime, try watching one of the videos below. GALLATIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — A ceremony was held at Beretta USA’s Tennessee campus to celebrate the "constitutional carry" law passed through the state legislature this year. While the law was a priority this year for Gov. Lee, it received criticism from numerous groups, including law enforcement over concerns it would increase crime. However, supporters claim they’re supporting Second Amendment rights. "Today is a day that singles and win for law abiding citizens in Tennessee. It also singles a win for preserving the second amendment in our state," said Lee," Starting July 1st, law abiding citizens from Tennessee will be able to carry a handgun in our state without unnecessary permission from the government." The legislation was officially signed into law in early April . The law allows military members aged 18 to 20 and adults 20 and older to carry open or concealed handguns without a permit. It goes into effect on July 1. Additionally, the law will increase punishments for certain gun crimes; the theft of a firearm will be increased from a misdemeanor to a felony and will come with at least six months in jail. "The right to bear arms it’s just important today as it was 230 years ago. With today’s signing, Tennessee becomes the 19th state in the country to have Constitutional Carry as a part of its law," Lee said. On Wednesday afternoon, Lee joined […]

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