Governor Signs Senator Myrie’s Gun Industry Liability Bill Into Law

Governor Signs Senator Myrie's Gun Industry Liability Bill Into Law

NEW YORK— Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie (D-Brooklyn) today joined Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Member Patricia Fahy (D-Albany) and gun violence survivors, families of victims and advocates for the signing of a new law that would allow civil suits to proceed against gun manufacturers and dealers who irresponsibly fuel the criminal firearm market. A federal law makes it virtually impossible to hold bad actors in the gun industry accountable, but allows states to pass laws enabling such suits to proceed. "Our federal laws have granted extraordinary protections to the gun industry, while leaving New Yorkers— especially Black and Brown communities— vulnerable to its deadly products," said Senator Myrie. "Today, we’re working to level the playing field and give our people a chance to hold this industry responsible for its reckless business practices. I thank Governor Cuomo, Assemblymember Patricia Fahy and advocates from across the state and nation for helping make New York a national leader in gun industry liability and public safety." "We thank Senator Myrie and our other lawmakers for ensuring that firearm manufacturers and sellers bear their share of responsibility to help reduce the misuse of guns through senseless violent acts," said Pastor Gil Monrose, President, 67th Precinct Clergy Council ("The GodSquad") . "We are very pleased today to witness firsthand Governor Cuomo signing the gun industry accountability bill into law. We believe that this is an important step in the right direction because public safety is a shared responsibility and stronger legislation can definitely help ensure that […]

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