Group says it was denied chance to carry guns in Christmas parade

Gun Rights

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The annual Brunswick Christmas parade is at the center of some controversy after a pro-Second Amendment group said its members were denied the opportunity to march in the parade carrying their weapons. Michael Morris, the leader of the Georgia chapter of It’s Our Right, said his group was twice blocked from participating in other community events and arranged a meeting with the Downtown Development Authority to discuss why. Morris said the DDA offered a compromise, saying members could march in the DDA-sponsored Christmas parade and carry their weapons, if they got a permit. “We asked then — while in person — if we could have our firearms in the parade. We were told we could and we accepted the application,” Morris said in a statement on the group’s Facebook page . “We are a Second Amendment group and are well known in the city. It was made clear when we got the application that we would have our firearms, at which time the application was given to us.” But DDA Executive Director Mathew Hill said whether or not guns could be carried was never discussed when the group’s application was submitted. “At no time was the group told they could or could not participate with their guns,” Hill said in a statement . The parade will begin at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at Howard Coffin Park. Over 100 floats, vehicles, walking groups and marching band units will make their way 1 mile down the length of Gloucester […]

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