Guardian’s View on US Gun Violence Rise: America Must Face Problems | Editorial

NS■ In the United States, Covid cases are skyrocketing again, and another public health crisis is hitting the United States.Last year, shooting Approximately 4,000 people surged , In total it will be almost 20,000. This is the worst increase in the past year. So far, 2021 looks even worse. In the first 5 months only Over 8,100 people have died .. The United States has suffered the most deadly casualties in almost 20 years. Surprisingly, gun purchases are also skyrocketing.U.S. already had More guns than people When sales started to grow a few years ago.But I saw last year 64% jump Compared to the previous year, the gun is estimated to be 20m. About one-fifth of buyers were first-time owners. The pandemic rushed to buy firearms, and some bought it because many others did. The backlash against Black Lives Matter’s protests may have contributed.Black American saw Maximum increase in gun ownership And, reportedly, Asian Americans Also bought more guns , Because hate crimes are increasing.Sales Continued to grow This year with the manufacturer Struggling to produce enough ammo .. Previous research Does not suggest a direct correlation Between increased gun sales and violence. Experts instead point out the economic despair, isolation, loss of social structure, and disruption of preventive initiatives associated with the closure of schools and community organizations due to pandemics. Violence obstructor , A person who assists in mediation in the event of a dispute.However, the increase in ownership is still worrisome, and one study (not yet […]

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