Guest Column/Upcoming Daylight Savings Time election

The Food Sovereignty Constitutional Amendment An almost biennial feature of Maine elections is a vote on a constitutional amendment. This year voters have an opportunity to amend the 201 year old document for the 175th time. The topic: An unusual one as its proponents seek to make the state the first in the country to put a “Right to Food” provision in a state constitution. As with the initiative on the CMP Corridor each side has a different interpretation of what it will mean. and the extent of its reach. The proposed food amendment also stands out for another reason: if ratified it would mark only the fourth substantive addition to the state’s Declaration of Rights – the state’s equivalent of the federal Bill of Rights. This portion of Maine’s constitution, mostly copied from the 1780 Massachusetts John Adams Constitution, consists of 25 provisions that enshrine such rights as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and jury trials. The first substantive revision was a 1964 amendment that added a due process and equal protection clause, one that echoed the post Civil War Era 14th amendment. The next was a 1987 amendment put forth by gun rights advocates. It deleted “for the common defense” as a perceived precondition for what amounts to the state’s version of the federal Second Amendment. This was designed to overrule a Maine court decision that such rights might only be applicable in a military context. The next year, 1988, saw ratification of an amendment that […]

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