Gun backers take aim at new state restrictions

ALBANY — With many New York communities plagued by a surge in gun crime, Democrats in the Legislature pushed through a controversial measure that would allow firearms manufacturers to be sued for failing to keep their products from being sold unlawfully in the state. To Tom King, the veteran president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, the bill was the latest incarnation of what he says is an agenda to strip New Yorkers of their right to access guns and cripple the companies that produce firearms. “There is an outright effort to get rid of firearms in New York state and then everywhere,” King said in an interview. He predicted that more gun-control bills will be introduced in the coming year, with sponsors of the proposals again citing rising crime as the basis for enacting them. Contending the gun-control measures that surface in Albany are invariably flawed, King said: “Not one of the Democrats while this has been going on has ever called me to ask me for my opinion. They never talk to gun people about this. I have never been asked to participate in any of the so-called forums they have about public safety.” The legislation aimed at gun manufacturers would set New York up as a trailblazer in a new front on dealing with gun violence if it is approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It allows any party responsible for the “illegal or unreasonable sale, manufacture, distribution, importing or marketing of firearms” to […]

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