Gun Control Advocates Target Peaceful Switzerland

By any measure, Switzerland is a great place to live. In 2018, the United Nations World Happiness Report ranked Switzerland the fifth happiest nation on earth; from 2012-2014 the idyllic nation ranked first. Switzerland ranks second out of all nations in the United Nation’s Human Development Index , which takes into account factors such as gross national income per capita, schooling, and life expectancy. Since 2000, Switzerland has topped the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report ranking for average wealth per adult resident. Data from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime shows that the peaceful mountain nation consistently has one of the lowest intentional homicide rates in Europe. Switzerland also has the most civilian-owned firearms per capita in Europe and ranks third worldwide according to Geneva-based Smalls Arms Survey . The experience of Switzerland, just like many parts of the United States , serves to refute gun control […]

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