Gun control and the new administration

If you are one of the more than five million first-time gun owners in this country, you may have just become an undesirable in the eyes of our new presidential administration. If you’re already a firearms owner, then you already know how the new administration views you. With the months-long rioting literally all around the country in 2020 and the widespread call to defund the police, millions of Americans became first-time gun owners while fearing for their families’ and their own safety. The Biden-Harris administration did not approve of this and, with their election, have proposed legislation to curtail these types of activities. For those who supported Biden, here’s what you have brought on the country regarding firearms. I found this information on the “Joe Biden’s Gun Control Plan” webpage. The administration wants to ban the new manufacture of so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. They want to control the firearms and magazines already in personal possession by requiring registration of both the firearm and the magazine, including a $200 tax for the right to continue owning these items. That tax is for each item. If you own five high-capacity magazines, that’s $200 per magazine! They’re talking about a “buyback” program to get firearms off the streets. If this happens, you might be forced to sell your new $600 handgun to the federal government for $50! This administration wants to require gun owners to have a firearms owners’ license. They want to limit “the stockpiling of weapons” by limiting […]

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