Gun-control bills have a lot of backers. So what’s the holdup?

Gun-control bills have a lot of backers. So what's the holdup?

PROVIDENCE – True or false? More than half the members of the Rhode Island House and Senate have co-sponsored bills to ban the sale – or possession – of any device "capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly into a semi-automatic firearm." True. Thirty-nine members of the 75-member House have signed on as co-sponsors of this legislation introduced by Rep. Justine Caldwell and several members of House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi’s leadership team, including the House majority leader, whip and House Judiciary committee chairman. Twenty-one of the 38 senators have co-sponsored a matching bill. Not all of the bills in the six-bill "gun-safety" package trumpeted by the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and secretary of state at a press conference on Tuesday have that many sponsors. But thirty-eight of the 75 House members – which is still more than half – have co-sponsored a second bill in the package, this one prohibiting guns on school grounds, except in the possession of "peace officers" and hired security officers. F orty House members have co-sponsored a bill requiring the locked storage of firearms when they are not in use. More than half of the senators have co-sponsored bills to ban assault weapons and prohibit "straw purchasers" from buying guns for people who are ineligible to buy them, such as convicted felons and domestic abusers. So what’s the holdup? Why don’t the sponsors petition the bills out of the House and Senate committees […]

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