Gun control feels out of reach after countless mass shootings

By Emily Cousins | Staff Writer Another week in the United States when mass shootings were in the headlines has come and gone. By now, the media has moved on to other subjects, and most of us probably haven’t lost much sleep over the prominence of gun violence. Every time there is a mass shooting, we have discussions about gun control and the countless unnecessary deaths of people. I remember after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., I was heartbroken and horrified that someone would kill and injure that many people. After that, I started researching past infamous mass shootings such as Sandy Hook and Columbine. I listened to interviews of the parents who lost their children and teachers who experienced the fear that their classroom would be next. I had to ask myself, why does this keep happening? Why has nothing changed? Why are these events so common in the United States? The big question truly is: how many times do we have to endure our fellow citizens, peers, friends and family being murdered before we do something about our gun laws? When will it be the final straw? If we weren’t moved as a nation after elementary school children were killed, will there ever be a moment when we all come together and fight gun violence as a country? I find myself wondering if it will ever be enough until everyone has to personally experience a loved one being killed or the […]

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