Gun Control: Have we learned anything?

Gun Rights

It has been roughly one year since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, one of the deadliest mass shootings in the history of the United States. The atrocity left 14 children and 3 adults dead, and many more injured. At the moment, gun-related crimes that steal the headlines have been quiet, which is a good thing, but have any local, state, or federal legislators had anything to do with that? While I couldn’t find any information about local gun law changes, changes made on the state and federal levels are well-documented . The majority of these changes have worked to restrict gun access for people under the age of 18 and anyone deemed “mentally defective,” both issues related to the school shooter. While I think the intentions of all these new laws are good, I think they ignore a few key facts. First of all, as citizens of the United States, we all have the right to bear arms. A right protected by the Second Amendment. It’s important to understand the difference between a right and “right” according to politicians on the left. According to Benjamin Franklin, “Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.” Essentially the rights that we have defined in our Constitution are based on the idea our rights aren’t something earned by the people from the government. Rather, our rights should be protected by the government because they […]

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